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How To Control Your Subconscious Mind
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Do You Have Any Physical Or Emotional Problems That Concern You?



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Mind Control Skills: How To Read Anyone | Cold Reading | Face Reading | Body Language Decoded

Mind Control Skills:

How To Read Anyone | Cold Reading | Face Reading | Body Language Decoded





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Mind Control Skills -Instant Hypnosis Inductions

Our habits become our routines.

And our routines build into our life…
… until we barely notice them.

Break The Routine To Gain More Control, Power, & Influence

Routines that constantly run on auto-pilot are the exact reason:
You can blow past a street of red lights and not remember if you ever even stopped
You forgot someone’s name even if you repeat it over and over
You storm out of the door without grabbing your keys
You fail to gain influence in a situation

The first three we can lump together into a group called "automation and routine overload."

These events happen when your automated processes are so deeply embedded you no longer think about them — and then, when you have so much going on... you just don’t have the mental capacity to handle all your pre-scheduled routines. So you forget things.

But that last one…

"You fail to gain influence in a situation"

How can routines and auto-pilot get in the way of you gaining control, power, or influence in a situation?

Here’s How… (Free Video)

They can get in the way because of these (3) things:

  1. Automation - You might accidentally trigger an automatic response in your influencee — and when it’s not the response you want, overcoming this can be hard!
  2. Routines - Your influencee may be so stuck in routine they can’t even hear the novelty and uniqueness of you and your offer.
  3. Priming - If they know you have a desired outcome for them -- they may have ‘primed themselves with an "automatic" answer to give you — no matter what you say!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could break all three of these things and get a fair shot?

Break Through Human Automation & Get Real Responses From People

Maybe you...

  • Are sooo interested in someone and you really want to ask them out
  • In need of a big raise but already know what your boss will say
  • Want a room of people to see the genius in your remarks
  • Want someone to REALLY REALLY like you from the start

It’s all possible.

It’s all possible when you breakthrough human-built routines and automation.

When you breakthrough —

You start dealing with the actual human inside. Not the built up bundle of automatic responses.


Click Here

It’s how you breakthrough.

Your Friend,

P.S. Being in a trance is not just what ‘happens’ under hypnosis. It’s what happens when you drive down the street and forget everything that has zoomed by. You’re in a trance when you amp yourself up before a big day, or when you stress yourself out for a ’scarier’ than normal upcoming occurrence. It’s all trance. Hypnosis gives you power over your trance states. Then you can ‘induce’ the trances you want, when you want, how you want — whenever you want -- on whoever you want. That’s POWER. Take the next step here.

Psychological Tricks For Creating Your Reality

You spend time on things that are not real.

I know, that statement is hard.

But try it on as true --
Just for a quick second...

What if you did indeed spend time on things that are entirely made up and untrue?

Would you feel silly? Would you want your time back?

Click Here To See Exactly How You’re Wasting Time...

Here is the truth:

You spend time on things that are not real.

It’s All Revealed In This Video...


But this is crucial. So let’s talk about it here too...


  • Have you ever thought about what someone else thinks?
  • Ever wondered how someone feels about you?
  • Ever thought about how someone perceived something you said?
  • Ever hated on yourself for how your words came across?
  • Ever wished you could go back in time and take back something you said?
  • Ever flat out said "they must be thinking..."

If you’ve ever done any of the above…

You’ve thought about what someone else thinks.

Watch this Video Now...

And the problem is…

It’s Not Real.

It’s Made Up.

It’s A Fictitious Fantasy Land.

(Don’t believe me? Click here.)

No matter how well we know someone.

We can’t, with 100% accuracy, predict what they’re thinking.
Even if we think we know them better than they know themselves.

And accuracy is even lower when it comes to strangers.

Like, Extremely Low.

Low enough we can say:

It’s Not Real!

Click Here To See Why This All Matters

I’m not at all trying to say we shouldn’t use available information to make predictions. I’m not at all saying we shouldn’t learn from our environment, and our experience.

But I am saying that if we sit and worry about what people think…

We’re worrying about things that are untrue.

But, I know…

It can be hard to stop worrying about what people think.

Good news.

I’ve got a tool for that 😉
It’s called "Magic Framing"

And I’ll show you what it is and how you can use it…

Right Here
(YouTube Video)

After you use it…

Click Reply. Let me know how it works for you.

Your Friend,

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