Self Mastery Supercharger


If you want to have access to the tools and skills necessary to master all areas of your life, then you should attend the Self Mastery Supercharger seminar and begin to apply it in your own life to start creating the results that you truly desire.

In Self Mastery Supercharger you will discover the powerful secrets of self mastery, and how to apply these techniques to create instant and rapid change in your life.

Self Mastery Supercharger is a system that is designed from the ground up to help you:

  • Achieve Your Dreams
  • Make More Money
  • Create Better Relationships
  • Reach Your Goals
  • Manifest Anything You Want
  • Create The Life You Desire

David will teach you the exact techniques that you can apply to laser focus in on the goal you want to achieve, and make it happen faster than you ever thought possible.

If you are the kind of person who is ready for creating rapid results in your life, sign up for theSelf Mastery Supercharger class today.


  • Emotional driver states

    Learn how to gain access to the most powerful internal emotional resources that you have, so that you can automatically propel yourself towards your goals.

  • Manifestation

    Learn how to use influence technologies to manifest your visions and create favorable circumstances for achieving your goals.

  • Change mastery

    Discover the most powerful personal change processes and tools that exist today. Learn how to change any thought, habit, or behavior that you desire in just moments. Use these processes to build the kind of life you want to live.

  • Negativity clearing

    Learn how to systematically clear specific and general negativity from your past. You will learn healing techniques that help you clear out troublesome parts of your past so that you can start to life the life that you desire as you are ready to.

  • Identity creation

    Learn what the building blocks of personality are and how you can begin to use them to systematically create yourself to be the kind of person you've always wanted to become. Learn how to maximize your skills and traits, and minimize your flaws.

Yes David, I am ready to attend the next Self Mastery Supercharger class, and take my self mastery to the next level!

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