"The Gift"



Change Your Past, And You Change Your Future!


The gift is one of those techniques that you would always want a hypno-therapeutic experience to be like.


Unlike most hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy in general "The Gift Targets The clients most powerful early childhood POSITIVE Emotional Experiences rather than a negative initial sensitizing event or root cause.


Using a standard hypnosis technique called an affect bridge the hypnotist amplifies the specific symptom, in this case pleasure or joy,  most directly related to the issue at hand. in this case the earliest most powerful joyful childhood experience.


However In The Case of The Gift. The target is a pleasurable early childhood experience, we get a level of change that is quantum compared to the traditional approach to regression hypnotherapy.


Please note, all form of regression is "advanced" in terms of the necessary hypnotic skills required to be effective at it. However, we teach The Gift To Both Fledgling Hypnotists And Advanced Ones as a way to fill the Regression Training Requirement for our courses and give the student a profoundly powerful tool.


The results of the gift are a generalized and amplified change that rapidly effects every level of the persons experience, reprogramming their entire life experience and perspectives without dredging up painful memories, or traumatic events.



Because of the intense pleasure states involved the body secretes an entirely different set of neuro-chemicals which enhance the brains "plasticity"allowing the change to go deeper and happen faster.


And as you can see from the subjects,


The change is extreme!


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