Vibrational Influence


The more you discover what it means to create powerful influence in your own life and the life of others, the more you will begin to see how to apply influence in different areas with different techniques. Vibrational Influence is an advanced level influence, healing, and manifestation course that will give you incredible amounts of power and control over the outcomes that you achieve in life and your own internal state. This class, taught by Master Hypnotist David Synder, will give you the EXACT tools to create powerful change in every area of your life. This class is the next level after a student has attended Killer Influence and CPI. Get ready to achieve true mastery.

Join David in the online seminar Vibrational Influence, as you will discover…

  • How To Build On The Foundations Of Killer Influence And CPI
  • How To Remotely Influence People In Time And Space
  • How To Remotely Raise People’s Blood Pressure (And Demonstrate It Scientifically)
  • The Fundamentals Of Advanced Hermetic Magick And Training
  • How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Manifestation
  • How To Use And Master Energy Healing
  • How To Heal People Remotely
  • How To Combine Martial Arts Practice With Energy Work To Create Powerful Mastery
  • The Fundamentals Of Personal Development From An Energetic Perspective
  • How To Develop, Cultivate, And Use Psychic Skills (In A Usable And Practical Way)

This class is reserved for those who wish to attain high levels of mastery in influence, healing, and manifestation. Once you area ready to take your skills to the next level, take action by joining this class and begin creating the life you desire today.


  • Advanced State Control

    Learn the most powerful state control principles in the world today. Discover how advanced levels of mastery over your own emotional state will give you incredible amounts of influence in your relationships.

  • Energy Work

    Learn the secrets to mastering energy work disciplines such as Pranic Psychotherapy and Reiki. Discover how you can read your own energy and the energy of others, and use energy work for healing and manifestation.

  • Remote Influence

    Discover how to influence circumstances throughout time and space, and use it to heal and influence others.

  • Psychic skills

    Learn how to activate and cultivate your natural psychic abilities and use that to influence and heal others.

  • Manifestation

    Learn how to use influence technologies to manifest your visions and create favorable circumstances for achieving your goals.

Yes David, I am ready to attend the next Vibrational Influence class, and take my energetic skills to the next level!

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